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Get the degree that's right for you - Whether you're preparing for a specific job or looking to increase your marketable, an online bachelors degree can help you reach your personal and professional goals. It's a great first step in any career and can increase your financial security, professional network and job satisfaction. As professionals, we know you want to develop your skills and take the next step in your career. With an online degree from bachelors degree online, you'll have a great education to make an impact in your community wherever you are. If you want an education that fits your schedule, engages and challenges you, then online bachelor's degree may be for you. Regardless of your reasons for looking for a bachelor degree online, you can find the right bachelor's degree for you at online bachelor degrees.

Choose from over 100 different undergraduate degrees. Bachelor's degrees are flexible, affordable, and focused on personal and professional success. Most degree programs are 100% online and offered in an eight-week course format, so you can find a program that fits your schedule, regardless of your work, family, or volunteer commitments.

Accelerate Your Path to a Bachelor's Degree

Accelerated online bachelor's degree programs have become a popular and trusted alternative to brick-and-mortar educational options. There are good reasons for this. Adult learners often need educational programs that are aligned with family involvement and careers. Fast-track online degrees allow students to enroll in degree programs that are not only convenient, but allow them to complete coursework in the shortest amount of time.

According to a recent CNBC article, 82% of his bachelor's degree alumni thought the degree was a good investment despite the rising cost of education. The article continues, according to The College Board, the average student loan for a student taking out a bachelor's degree loan is about $30,062. But a bachelor's degree is worth an average of $2.8 million in a person's lifetime, according to Georgetown University's Center for Education and Workforce. These 30 programs not only allow him to enter the labor market in a much shorter period of time, but also enable him to earn 80% higher wages than someone with only a college degree.
Students ask about accelerated undergraduate programs
What's the fastest and easiest way to complete it?

Students often focus on degrees in business management, psychology, or education to get their degrees the fastest. However, General Studies, English and Communication can be considered the easiest alongside Psychology. Finding a quick and easy program can be difficult. Can I Get a Bachelor's Degree Online in 2 Years?

An accelerated online degree can be completed in just two years instead of four. These programs still maintain high standards of excellence, so determination and focus are required to stay on track and meet all the requirements of these programs.
Do Employers Disapprove Accelerated Online Degrees?

Accelerated degrees are great for getting into the workforce quickly. If you got your degree from a reputable school, getting it right away is fine. In fact, with the additional commitment required in a fast-paced program, employers may be very impressed with your performance!
Will an accelerated bachelor's degree cost less than his traditional four-year degree?

Yes, it is often cheaper due to less time strain and is an excellent option for students working full-time on other assignments.

10 Best Online Bachelors of Criminal Justice Degree Programs

What are the Best Online Bachelors in Criminal Justice Degrees?

A Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree provides graduates with a competitive edge when applying for federal criminal justice positions. Most institutions have different qualifications, but most consider a university degree as a plus. This degree is growing in popularity and has evolved into numerous majors.

Some subjects included in the Criminal Justice Program include various aspects of crime, the justice system, law, crime, and social policy. Students interested in law and politics will want to study judicial policy. Students interested in law enforcement should study crime and criminology. Students interested in social work or related fields will want to study community justice. A Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree opens the door to a wide range of career opportunities at the federal, state, and local government levels, as well as in the private sector. Potential career paths include Police Officer, Detective, Corporate Security Specialist, Criminologist, Homeland Security Agent, CIA Agent, Field Marshal, Crime Scene Investigator, Sheriff, ATF Agent, DEA Agent, and INS Agent. Below is a list of the top 10 best online criminal justice bachelor's degree programs. Schools are ranked by affordability, reputation, awards, faculty, rankings, type of courses offered, and program quality.

1. Capella University
2. Portland State University
3. Liberty University
4. Walden University
5. Grand Canyon University
6. Saint Leo University
7. Colorado State University – Global Campus
8. Penn State World Campus
9. Washington State University
10. Florida State University

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