online masters degree programs in healthcare administration

Online masters degree programs in healthcare administration - Nursing management is how you call shots, away from direct patient care. Earning this degree will open you up to a role that allows you to have an even greater impact in the communities you serve. Learn the management, strategic planning, regulatory standards, and ethical decision-making skills necessary to work in healthcare. For some, going back to school may be too much of a time and financial strain, but some options are more convenient than you might think. You can continue to practice and earn a living while expanding your knowledge base and long-term value to your community. Not only can you climb the career ladder, but you can earn more in your new role. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for a healthcare administrator is $99,730. Her 5 core competencies are required for a nursing administrator salary:
Communication, good industry knowledge, leadership skills in planning and management, ethics demonstrated by professionalism, business skills including marketing and budgeting. Developing these skills through MSN can lead to nurse managers, chief nursing officers, nursing directors, clinical coordinators, and other senior healthcare positions. It doesn't matter where you live, with the minor exception of location-based requirements that vary from state to state. Online courses lead you to an online master's degree from the university that interests you most.

Healthcare is one of America's fastest growing industries, thanks to advances in medical technology and changes in federal regulations affecting patients, hospitals, and insurance companies. Health care administration and administration professionals oversee the day-to-day operations of hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities. You can also work in an affiliated position at a company, non-profit organization, or government agency.

The typical primary education required for medical and healthcare providers is a bachelor's degree, but an online master's degree in health care and management can help professionals more quickly advance to managerial positions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is also beneficial for those who want to move into the field. The online Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration coursework focuses on the business and management aspects of healthcare. This sector of the industry is associated with high levels of employee satisfaction. Careers More than 80% of his medical and healthcare managers say their jobs are important, according to data from his PayScale website.

Health care administration degree specializations

Some online master’s in health administration programs allow students to concentrate their coursework in a specialization, which can cover niche areas of the health care industry. Specializations for MHA students include:

  •  Acute care
  •  Long-term care
  •  Health care ethics
  •  Health informatics
  •  Health policy and management
  •  Environmental health science
  •  Maternal and child health
  •  Survey research

35 Best online masters degree programs in healthcare administration

1. The University of Texas at El Paso
2. Excelsior College
3. University of Pittsburgh
4. Old Dominion University
5. The University of Texas at Arlington
6. Indiana Wesleyan University
7. Western Governors University
8. Clarkson College
9. New Mexico State University
10. University of Texas at Tyler
11. University of St. Francis
12. Fort Hays State University
13. Kennesaw State University
14. Seton Hall University
15. St. Joseph's College of Maine
16. Ball State University
17. Capella University
18. California University of Pennsylvania
19. Lamar University
20. University of Colorado–Denver
21. Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville
22. Saint Xavier University
23. Texas A&M University
24. University of North Carolina
25. Liberty University
26. Penn State University
27. Lenoir-Rhyne University
28. Wheeling Jesuit University
29. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
30. Queens University of Charlotte
31. Mercy College
32. Drexel University
33. University of Oklahoma–Health Sciences Center
34. American International College
35. University of Saint Mary

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